Sentence Examples

  • The cirri or tentacles, of which three or four pairs are present, are capable of being protruded, and the minute larva swims by means of the ciliary action they produce.
  • Of C. coscoroba Mr Gibson remarks (Ibis, 1880, pp. 36, 37) that its "note is a loud trumpet-call," and that it swims with "the neck curved and the wings raised after the true swan model."
  • Lumber the writing with nothing - let it go as lightly as the bird flies in the air or a fish swims in the sea.
  • It swims with most of the body submerged, and dives with perfect ease, remaining long without coming to the surface to breathe.
  • This little creature, which has many of the features of a Trochosphere larva, swims about at the surface of the sea for about a month and grows rapidly.

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