Sentence Examples

  • The pain was subsiding as darkness surrounded her again.
  • Tendrils of coldness stretched from its home within her chest, testing her strength before subsiding into stillness once more.
  • In Australia a continuous juice separator is generally used, and preferred to ordinary subsiding or filtering tanks.
  • 20 minutes for filling and washing out after emptying; 60 minutes for heating up and subsiding; and 40 minutes for drawing off the defecated juice, without agitating it.
  • Apart from increased yield in sugar of good quality, we may sum up the advantages procurable from the use of Hatton defecators as follows: cold liming; heating gently to the temperature required to coagulate the albumen and not beyond it, whereby disturbance would ensue; the continuous separation of the scums; the gradual drying of the scums so as to make them ready for the fields, without carrying away juice or requiring treatment in filter presses; and the continuous supply of hot defecated juice to the evaporators, without the use of subsiding tanks or eliminators; and, finally, the saving in expenditure on plant, such as filter presses, &c., and wages.