Sentence Examples

  • The sticker price of a degree program at a certain institution may seem entirely out of your price range, but if you apply for aid and get it in the form of scholarships, grants, or loans, you may be able to go for a degree after all.
  • Even though the sticker on the window of your new car reported that the car would achieve 30 miles per gallon, the truth is that sometimes the car may achieve 34 miles per gallon, while other times it will only get 24 or 25.
  • While the publisher was instructed by ESRB to request that retailers stop selling the Mature-labeled game until an AO sticker was available, the game has been spotted on retail shelves at stores including Fry's Electronics.
  • So, you have every knick-knack, pennant, jersey, jacket and maybe even a bumper sticker or two making it clear that you are an Ohio State fan and are looking for an Ohio State Buckeyes bath robe to add to your collection?
  • Whether you're just getting started in the hobby or an enthusiastic crafter, there are a number of strategies you can use to make sure your sticker collection is both easily accessible and protected from damage.