Sentence Examples

  • The forms of Vermont's mountains, even to the highest summits, were to a great extent rounded by glaciation, but as the rocks vary much in texture and are often steeply inclined, stream erosion has cut valleys deep and narrow, often mere gorges.
  • A depression when of great extent is termed a " basin," when it is of a more or less round form with approximatelyequal diameters, a " trough " when it is wide and elongated with gently sloping borders, and a " trench " when narrow and elongated with steeply sloping borders, one of which rises higher than the other.
  • The scarp or steeply inclined slope; this is necessarily of small extent except in the direction of its length.
  • This great divide is not always marked by well-defined ranges facing steeply either to the north or south.
  • And there with the strained craft steeply leaning over to it, by reason of the enormous downward drag from the lower mast-head, and every yard-arm on that side projecting like a crane over the waves; there, that blood-dripping head hung to the Pequod's waist like the giant Holofernes's from the girdle of Judith.

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