Sentence Examples

  • BAUFFREMONT, a French family which derives its name from a village in the Vosges, spelt nowadays Beaufremont.
  • The name of the town is spelt in a great variety of ways, including Madeigascar, whence the name of the island of Madagascar.
  • His name, the foreign look of him, and some pronounced incompatibilities not all chargeable to young Disraeli (as afterwards the name came to be spelt), soon raised a crop of troubles.
  • GUANACO, sometimes spelt Huanaca, the larger of the two wild representatives in South America of the camel tribe; the other being the vicugna.
  • It seems impossible not to connect the latter with the Scottish Atteile or Atteal, to be found in many old records, though this last word (however it be spelt) is generally used in conjunction with teal, as if to mean a different kind of bird; and commentators have shown a marvellous ineptitude in surmising what that bird was.

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