Sentence Examples

  • The Number Of Linearly Independent Seminvariants Of The Given Type Will Then Be Denoted By (W; 0, P; 0', Q) (W; 0, P; 0', Q); And Will Be Given By The Coefficient Of A E B E 'Z W In L Z 1 A.
  • The intensity (at any point) of the field due to the magnetization may be denoted by H i, that of the external field by Ho, and that of the resultant field by H.
  • It is quite possible that shabattum and nubattum are from the same root and originally denoted much the same thing - a pause, abstention, from whatever cause or for ceremonial purposes.
  • Nevertheless, though the conceptions originally denoted by " evolution " and " development " were shown to be untenable, the words retained their application to the process by which the embryos of living beings gradually make their appearance; and the terms" development," " Entwickelung,"and " evolutio " are now indiscriminately used for the series of genetic changes exhibited by living beings, by writers who would emphatically deny that " development " or " Entwickelung " or " evolutio," in the sense in which these words were usually employed by Bonnet or Haller, ever occurs.
  • The Greek form of Gallia was FaXaria, but Galatia in Latin denoted another Celtic region in central Asia Minor, sometimes styled Gallograecia.

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