Sentence Examples

  • Canada will then, by default, become interested in soccer too.
  • Sports items - Sure, the baby you're buying for may not be old enough to play a sport, but his parents will certainly get a kick out of the sports gift you buy, whether it is a football, baseball bat, tennis racquet, or soccer ball.
  • Aside from the requisite basketball and soccer teams, Ashford is also home to volleyball (women's only) and golf (for both men and women), making the university attractive both from an academic, as well as an athletic, perspective.
  • Your time in Nintendogs will be divided by caring for your dogs (feeding, bathing, walking), goofing off (throwing soccer balls, using the bubble blower), training them with verbal commands, and entering them into competitions.
  • There are ways to keep your small children active without defying the family budget or suffering from the "soccer mom" syndrome in which mothers are overly extended by taking their children around from activity to activity.