Sentence Examples

  • Canada will then, by default, become interested in soccer too.
  • Aside from the requisite basketball and soccer teams, Ashford is also home to volleyball (women's only) and golf (for both men and women), making the university attractive both from an academic, as well as an athletic, perspective.
  • Play a game of soccer with your kids, roller-blade with a partner, take part in a game of beach volleyball, sign up for a new class at your gym -- make exercise a part of your life and think of creative ways to enjoy it.
  • Girls' soccer shirts have certainly evolved over the years, and the variety and selection available can you leave you wondering just what to look for as you search for the perfect shirt for your little soccer player.
  • Your time in Nintendogs will be divided by caring for your dogs (feeding, bathing, walking), goofing off (throwing soccer balls, using the bubble blower), training them with verbal commands, and entering them into competitions.