Sentence Examples

  • In these Flemish cities the early oligarchic form of municipal government speedily gave way to a democratic. The great mass of the townsmen organized in trade gilds - weavers, fullers, dyers, smiths, leather-workers, brewers, butchers, bakers and others, of which by far the most powerful was that of the weavers - as soon as they became conscious of their strength rebelled against the exclusive privileges of the patricians and succeeded in ousting them from power.
  • It had large gilds of fabri (smiths and carpenters) and centonarii (firemen) .
  • Their sideboards were covered with the copper and silver work of Eastern smiths and the confectioneries of Damascus.
  • That the Kenites, too, were a race of metal-workers is quite uncertain, although even at the present day the smiths in Arabia form a distinct nomadic class.
  • (5) The Chalkeia (feast of smiths), at which the birth of Erechtheus and the invention.

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