Sentence Examples

  • Then the Band i Mizan and the great bridge were erected across the river and finally a dam was constructed across the Gerger canal, where is now the Pul i Bulaiti, so as to turn back the Karun into its original channel, but a later, by means of sluices and tunnels, the flow of water was regulated in such a manner that two-sixths of the water flowed east and four-sixths west of the town.
  • In depth closed by sluices at its junction with the river, and reaching the sea at some distance from the natural embouchure.
  • Powerful sluices protect the inner harbour from the high tides.
  • Nevertheless it has a certain historical importance, for two reasons - (1) because it marks that period in Longfellow's career when, though he had left nature, he had not yet found art, and (2) because it opened the sluices through which the flood of German sentimental poetry flowed into the United States.
  • Here, as in ancient Greece and Rome, it is the practice to admit young fish from the sea by sluices, into artificial enclosures or "viviers," and to keep them there until they are large enough to be used.

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