Sentence Examples

  • Hannah.s Louis Vuitton luggage was lined up neatly along the path, and Katie skirted it.
  • The Mississippi river is skirted throughout the length of the state by contours of 400 to 600 ft.
  • He moved closer and she skirted the breakfast bar until it was between them.
  • On the north-west and south-east it is skirted by lofty hills (Sgor Choilearn (3164), Sgor nau Coireachan (3133) and others of over 2000 ft.),but the land at the western extremity in Ardnamurchan is low-lying.
  • The Turcovuni ridge, probably the ancient Anchesmus, separates the valley of the Cephisus on the north-west from that of its confluent, the Ilissus, which skirted the ancient city on the south-west.