Sentence Examples

  • - Foot of young fringed wings have already been de Trichothrips (under surscribed; each wing may be surrounded face).
  • The river banks, however, are fringed with trees, and in the more undulating lands the timber belts vary from a few hundreds of yards to 5 or 10 m.
  • The shores of the larger islands are fringed in some parts with a dense barrier of mangroves, backed by an often impenetrable thicket of tropical undergrowth, which, as the ridges are ascended, give place to taller trees and deep green bushes which are covered with orchids and trailing moss (orchilla), and from which creepers hang down interlacing the vegetation.
  • Thus, taking the continent as a whole, it may be described as a plateau, fringed by a lowlying well-watered coast, with a depressed, and for the most part arid, interior.
  • On the east coast the force of the north-east monsoon, which beats upon the shores of the China Sea annually from November to February, has kept the land for the most part free from mangroves, and the sands, broken here and there by rocky headlands thickly wooded, and fringed by casuarina trees, stretch for miles without interruption.

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