Sentence Examples

  • Alex said nothing, his brooding gaze mostly on Rob, studying him, maybe sizing him up.
  • Numerous operations of luting, sizing, lacquering, polishing, drying, rubbing down, and so on, are performed by the nurimono-shi, until, after many days treatment, the object emerges with a smooth, lustrelike dark-grey or colored surface, and is ready to pass into the hands of the makie-shi, or decorator.
  • But when there is much small duff, with intermixed shale, more elaborate sizing and washing plant becomes necessary.
  • Alum finds application as a mordant, in the preparation of lakes for sizing hand-made paper and in the clarifying of turbid liquids.
  • The head-gear is often combined with ore-bins and machinery for breaking and sizing the lump ore previous to shipment to the reduction works.

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