Sentence Examples

  • Whether you are plus size or simply want some smoothing, once you have cracked your personal code to Spanx sizing, you will find it is a very different kind of control - one well worth the money and the extra time spent in getting dressed.
  • In general, you will purchase your jeans in the same size that you wore prior to getting pregnant; however, you will find some maternity jeans manufacturers do not follow normal sizing, deferring to small, medium, and large sizes instead.
  • Because nursing bra sizing is even more difficult than getting the correct size of a regular bra, it is important to try on several different sizes to see which ones are most comfortable and provide the best silhouette for your body.
  • If you've been suffering through trying to make regular sizing work or having your clothing custom made, there's a more comfortable, convenient option and it's likely to be much less expensive than having your clothing custom made.
  • Numerous operations of luting, sizing, lacquering, polishing, drying, rubbing down, and so on, are performed by the nurimono-shi, until, after many days treatment, the object emerges with a smooth, lustrelike dark-grey or colored surface, and is ready to pass into the hands of the makie-shi, or decorator.