Sentence Examples

  • Between ectoderm and endoderm is a supporting layer of structureless gelatinous substance termed mesogloea, secreted by the cell-layers of the body-wall; the mesogloea may be a very thin layer, or may reach a fair thickness, and then sometimes contains skeletal elements formed by cells which have migrated into it from the ectoderm.
  • CALIPASH and Calipee (possibly connected with carapace, the upper shell of a turtle), the gelatinous substances in the upper and lower shells, respectively, of the turtle, the calipash being of a dull greenish and the calipee of a light yellow colour.
  • A colony enclosed by a common gelatinous test c. stigma.
  • The small family of Scopelidae affords the gelatinous Harpodon, or bumalo.
  • Between which is a structureless gelatinous secreted layer, the mesogloea.