Sentence Examples

  • In the living Cephalodiscus a zooid can crawl by means of its proboscis over the gelatinous processes of the outer side of the coenoecium, a position which it can assume owing to the very great extensibility of the stalk, the proximal suctorial end of which remains attached to the inner surface of some part of the coenoecium (Andersson, 1907).
  • Near at hand you could fancy it the most melancholy sound in Nature, as if she meant by this to stereotype and make permanent in her choir the dying moans of a human being--some poor weak relic of mortality who has left hope behind, and howls like an animal, yet with human sobs, on entering the dark valley, made more awful by a certain gurgling melodiousness--I find myself beginning with the letters gl when I try to imitate it--expressive of a mind which has reached the gelatinous, mildewy stage in the mortification of all healthy and courageous thought.
  • Tongues bear large teeth, all freshwater Otolith A gelatinous mass containing a high level of calcium carbonate.
  • The colonial cells are also held together by a gelatinous capsule surrounding the entire colony.
  • Mucilage a gelatinous substance, containing proteins and polysaccharides, that soothes inflammation.

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