Sentence Examples

  • Of plants that furnish food for man the most important are rice, maize and millet, coffee, the coco-nut tree, sago-palm, the obi or native potato, the bread-fruit and the tamarind; with lemons, oranges, mangosteens, wild-plums, Spanish pepper, beans, melons and sugar-cane.
  • For example, rice is produced here in smaller quantity and of inferior quality to that in the western part of the archipelago, but superior to that in the eastern section, where sago and sorghum form the staple articles of food.
  • Sago is worked in the important river-valleys of the Tutong and the Balait, but only a small quantity of rice is cultivated.
  • Yams, taro and sweet potatoes constitute in some districts the main food of the people, while in others sago is the staple diet.
  • Cooking-pots, made at various parts of the coast, form one of the great exchanges for sago; but where such vessels do not reach, food is cooked by the women on the embers, done up in leaves, or in holes in the ground over heated stones.

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