Sentence Examples

  • Of cross-sectional area.
  • There was talk of independence, but sectional and personal jealousies could not be overcome.
  • (Sectional Elevation.) manner that the biScale h.
  • The rapidity of the movement has not been exceptional in Arkansas, but the size of its average farm, less in 1850 than that of the other cotton states, was in 1900, 93.1 acres (108.8 for white farmers alone, 49 o for blacks alone), which was even less than that of the North Atlantic states (96.5 acres, the smallest sectional unit of the Union).
  • From 1824 to 1840 there is a complicated and not uninteresting movement of local politics and a preparation for the future, - the missions fall, republicanism grows, the sentiment of local patriotism becomes a political force, there is a succession of sectional controversies and personal struggles among provincial chiefs, an increase of foreign commerce, of foreign immigration and of foreign influence.