Sentence Examples

  • So you sapped us to keep her from absorbing our power.
  • His energy sapped, the kid was sprawled half asleep across the race car bed.
  • The establishment of the Hatti at Carchemish not only made them a commercial people and probably sapped their highland vigour, but also brought them into closer proximity to the rising North Semitic power of Assyria, whose advent had been regarded with apprehension by Hattusil II.
  • Mutual discord first sapped the prosperity of Magna Graecia.
  • Was first formed in 470 B.C. by the "synoecism" of the neighbouring villages, the river Ophis flowed through the midst of it, and the Spartan king Agesipolis dammed it up below the town and so flooded out the Mantineians and sapped their walls, which were of unbaked brick.

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