Sentence Examples

  • Salama, from which the word is derived appears in salaam, " peace be with you," the greeting of the East, and in Moslem, and means to be "free" - or "secure."
  • DAR-ES-SALAAM (" The harbour of peace"), a seaport of East Africa, in 6° 50' S.
  • Respectively, the average rainfall in Angola 36 in., in Dar-es-Salaam 60 in.
  • The seaports of the colony are Tanga (pop. about 6000), Bagamoyo 5000 (with surrounding district some 18,000), Dar-es-Salaam 24,000, Kilwa 5000, (these have separate notices), Pangani, Sadani, Lindi and Mikindani.
  • Due west of Dar-es-Salaam, and is the first important station on the road to Tanganyika.