Sentence Examples

  • One form, and he isolated a, 13 and y varieties with specific rotations of 105°, 52.5° and 22°.
  • With two plates of equal thickness and of opposite rotations, the pattern consists of a series of circles and of four similar spirals starting from the centre, each spiral being turned through 90° from that adjacent to it.
  • Poynting, is before analysation to impress unequal rotations upon the plane of polarization of the two parts of the field, either by means of an active medium, or by oblique transmission through glass plates.
  • The former consists of two semicircular plates of quartz, perpendicular to the optic axis and of opposite rotations, placed so as to have a common diameter and having such a thickness that each rotates the plane of polarization of mean yellow light through the same multiple of 90°.
  • This is made of two plates of quartz, cut normally to the optic axis and of opposite rotations, placed the one in front of the other: the thickness of the one plate is fixed, while that of the other can be varied, as it is formed of two equal prisms that can be moved over one another along their common face.

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