Sentence Examples

  • The store hadn't done $500 in business the past month by the looks of things, and the two hardened robbers sounded like kids.
  • During his absence in Egypt, whither he had been sent by Pompey, without the consent of the senate, to restore Ptolemy Auletes to his kingdom, Syria had been devastated by robbers, and Alexander, son of Aristobulus, had again taken up arms with the object of depriving Hyrcanus of the high-priesthood.
  • Yet she kept the Adriatic free of pirates, notably by suppressing the sea-robbers called Uscocchi (1601-1617), maintained herself in the Ionian Islands, and in 1684 added one more to the series of victorious episodes which render her annals so romantic. In that year Francesco Morosini, upon whose tomb we still may read the title Peloponnesiacus, wrested the whole of the Morea from the Turks.
  • The country, Josephus says, was full of " robbers " and " wizards."
  • The " chief-robber " Eleazar, who had plundered the country for twenty years, was caught and sent to Rome; countless robbers of less note were crucified.

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