Sentence Examples

  • The tiger (Felis tigris) is an animal only rivalled by the lion in size, strength and ferocity among the cat-like beasts of prey.
  • Having rivalled the exploits of Caesar, he now longed to follow in the steps of Alexander the Great.
  • For size, vigorous growth and productiveness the olive tree of Zante is rivalled only by that of Corfu.
  • In Spain, again, where Ibn-Bajja, Ibn-Tufail and Ibn Rushd rivalled or exceeded the fame of the Eastern schools, the Arabians of pure blood were few, and the Moorish ruling class was deeply intersected by Jewish colonies, and even by the natives of Christian Spain.
  • When these eight fratricidal wars first began, Protestants and Catholics rivalled one another in respect for royal authority; only they wished to become its masters so as to get the upper hand themselves.

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