Sentence Examples

  • Private institutions and working-class associations have striven to improve the intellectual conditions of the working classes.
  • Just as the old patricians had striven to keep plebeians out of high offices, so now the new nobles, patrician and plebeian alike, strove to keep "new men," men who had not the jus imaginum, out of high office.
  • Only at Rome, where there was a plebs to be striven against, these distinctions seem to have had a tendency to die out, while at Sparta they seem to have had a tendency to widen.
  • He appears to have striven for the formation of a national unity, which Spain had never possessed since the fall of the Visigoth kingdom.
  • C. 15) rendered compulsory the slaughter of imported live stock at the place of landing, a boon for which British stock-breeders had striven for many years.

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