Sentence Examples

  • The retro grade movement of a crab typified, by an easy association of ideas, the retreat of the sun from his farthest northern excursion, and Cancer was constituted the sign of the Leo.
  • The statocyst (retro-cerebral organ of P. Marius de Beauchamp) is a sac filled with highly refractive granules soluble in dilute acids, and opening by a slender duct (or a pair) to the surface: its function is doubtless that of an organ of equilibrium, and it resembles in its opening to the surface the primitive internal ear of even Vertebrates, for the duct to the surface persists through life in the sharks.
  • Retro-altar.
  • Retro, backwards, gradiri, to go), in astronomy, the direction of the apparent motion of a planet from E.
  • Antique, vintage, retro, kitsch & collectible necklaces.

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