Sentence Examples

  • More remarkable is the "pinching" on either side of the hat; this effect has a very vintage-like appeal that contributes greatly to its popularity in the 21st century, particularly among those who favor retro style clothing and accessories.
  • The interest in vintage and retro lingerie never really goes away, but it has grown in recent years (shows like Mad Men probably do a lot to help) and the ability to buy vintage and reproduction lingerie online has grown exponentially.
  • With a retro style throughout, chrome accents, and a very cool body style outside and high technology inside, this light-weight travel trailer is an absolute dream for a single traveler who desires to live in comfort wherever they go.
  • When shopping for a vintage engagement ring, you'll find elaborate geometric pieces from the Art Deco era, simple styles from the World War II years, retro modern styles from the 1950s and 1960s, and even funky styles from the 1970s.
  • You can add a "pouf" to the crown to make them retro, sweep your bangs to the side in front to dress them up a bit, or flip them through their own bases to add just a little bit of interest to an otherwise boring ponytail.