Sentence Examples

  • It was a heart-rending thought.
  • It was heart-rending to see her that way.
  • 451 affirmed "that Christ is true God and true man, according to His Godhead begotten from eternity and like the Father in everything, only without sin; and that after His incarnation the unity of the person consists in two natures which are conjoined without confusion, and without change, but also without rending and without separation."
  • The Maori story, told by Grey and others, of the rending apart of Rangi (= Langi, heaven) 5 See Schoolcraft, Myth of Hiawatha (1856), pp. 35-39; and cf.
  • The arrangement is, in fact, a modification of the plug and feather system used in stone quarrying for obtaining large blocks, but with the substitution of the powerful rending force of the hydraulic press for handpower in driving up the wedges.

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