Sentence Examples

  • His other writings include: Sonnets and Other Verses (1894); Lucifer, a Theological Tragedy (1899); Three Philosophical Poets (1910); Winds of Doctrine; Studies in Contemporary Opinion (1913); Philosophy (1916) and Character and Opinion in the United States; with Reminiscences of William James and Josiah Royce, and Academic Life in America (1920).
  • Martha kept up a steady stream of reminiscences; I'm sure for Howie's benefit.
  • At first, Cynthia seemed unaware that her reminiscences made Dean uncomfortable but when he didn't respond, she turned and looked at him.
  • 1497), while Hofer (in Roscher's Lexikon) suggests that the episodes of the murder of his father and of his marriage are reminiscences of the overthrow of Cronus by Zeus and of the union of Zeus with his own sister.
  • Interesting reminiscences will be found in the Life of Codrington, by Lady Bourchier.