Sentence Examples

  • Among, the peculiarities of the Edomites was government by certain officials known as av* 2 which the English versions (by too close a reminiscence of the Vulgate duces) translate "dukes."
  • The punishment of the gridiron and the speech of the martyr are probably a reminiscence of the Phrygian martyrs, as related by Socrates (iii.
  • Carpocrates made especial use of the doctrines of reminiscence and preexistence of souls.
  • Jesus is but a man in whom this reminiscence is unusually strong, and who has consequently attained to unusual spiritual excellence and power.
  • Hydra must, in short, be a living representative of the ancestor of which the actinula-stage is a transient reminiscence in the development of higher forms. It may be pointed out in this connexion that the fixation of Hydra is only temporary, and that the animal is able at all times to detach itself, to move to a new situation, and to fix itself again.

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