Sentence Examples

  • If you have a large stock of makeup, keep track of the items you are running low on so when you can find a coupon or the occasional sales come around, you'll be ready to buy what you need to refill your kit while saving money.
  • Occasionally, you may be asked if your mobile groomer can refill their water tank from your hose, but it's a small inconvenience compared to taking your dog to the shop yourself.
  • You may need to experiment with the exact combination of oils used in order to find a scent you like, but this can be a cost effective way to refill your favorite reed diffuser.
  • The biggest complaint found in online customer reviews are related to capacity and having to refill the machine too many times to get enough popcorn for the entire family.
  • Diastolic blood pressure-Diastole is the period in which the left ventricle relaxes so it can refill with blood; diastolic pressure is therefore measured during diastole.