Sentence Examples

  • Perfect for many couples, there is a wide range of ruby engagement rings couples can choose from to symbolize the red-hot nature of their love.
  • These naughty getups consist of a red-hot, form-fitting bustier and matching mico mini skirt.
  • When you need a red-hot bikini, use our hot bikini pictures as inspiration.
  • Wrought iron is soft and easy to shape when heated until it is red-hot.
  • Inclined, , 584 Horizontal „ 570 Of the existing forms of vertical retort it remains a matter to be decided whether the coal should be charged in bulk to the retort or whether it should be introduced in small quantities at regular and short intervals; by this latter means (the characteristic feature of the Settle-Padfield process) a continuous layer of coal is in process of carbcnization on the top, whilst the gas escapes without contact with the mass of red-hot coke, a considerable increase in volume and value in the gas and a much denser coke being the result.