Sentence Examples

  • The relation then between the work expended and the actual cooling work performed denotes the efficiency of the process, and this is expressed by Qt/(Q2-Q1); but as in a perfect refrigerating machine it is understood that the whole of the heat Q i is taken in at the absolute temperature T 11 and the whole of the heat Q2, is rejected at the absolute temperature T2, the heat quantities are proportional to the temperatures, and the expression T,/(T 2 -T,) gives the ideal coefficient of performance for any stated temperature range, whatever working substance is used.
  • This 'meet me on the QT out in the woods' bothers me.
  • The same method applies for tangential areas, by taking A -2 PTp -}- QT 4 + RT r + ..
  • Sochnee, Catalogue des actes d'Henri I QT (1907); de Caiz de Saint Aymour, Anne de Russie, reine de France (1896); E.
  • Then since XS and QT are parallel and FIG.

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