Sentence Examples

  • It is often said that this saline change is more characteristic of marcasite than of pyrite, but according to H.
  • The mining product next in value to coal in 1908 was copper, taken chiefly in Carbon county in a zone of brecciated quartzite underlying schist, the original ore being chalcopyrite, with possibly some pyrite, a secondary enrichment, which has produced important bodies of chalcocite in the upper workings, but these are replaced by chalcopyrite at greater depth.
  • Other mineral products are graphite, garnet used as an abrasive, pyrite and zinc ore.
  • Finely crystallized specimens of pyrite are obtained from many other localities, especially from Cornwall, Elba and Traversella, near Ivrea, in Piedmont.
  • Stokes, "On Pyrite and Marcasite," Bull.