Sentence Examples

  • Brunton's calciner, used in the "burning" of the pyritic minerals associated with tin ore, is a familiar example of this type.
  • Fuming or Nordhausen Oil of Vitriol, a mixture or chemical com pound of H 2 SO 4, with more or less S03, has been made for centuries by exposing pyritic schist to the influence of atmospheric agents, collecting the solution of ferrous and ferric sulphate thus formed, boiling it down into a hard mass ("vitriolstein") and heating this to a low red heat in small earthenware retorts.
  • Cornish ores are almost entirely pyritic; and indeed it is from such ores that by far the largest proportion of copper is extracted throughout the world.
  • The " American process " or " Pyritic smelting " consists in the direct smelting of raw ores to matte in blast furnaces.
  • Pyritic smelting is a development of the Russian engineer Semenikov's treatment (proposed in 1866) of copper matte in a Bessemer converter.

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