Sentence Examples

  • The hardness (6-62) is the same as that of pyrites, and the specific gravity (4.8-4.9) as a rule rather less.
  • Of the rarer bismuth minerals we may notice the following: - the complex sulphides, copper bismuth glance or wittichenite, BiCu 3 S 3, silver bismuth glance, bismuth cobalt pyrites, bismuth nickel pyrites or saynite, needle ore (patrinite or aikinite), BiCuPbS 3, emplectite, CuBiS 2, and kobellite, BiAsPb 3 S 6; the sulphotelluride tetradymite; the selenide guanajuatite, B12Se3, Iv.
  • In some places sulphur is extracted from iron pyrites by one of two methods.
  • PYRITES, a term applied to iron disulphide when crystallized in the cubic system, but used also in a general sense to designate a group of metallic sulphides of which this mineral is the most characteristic example.
  • When employed as a group-name the constituent species are distinguished by prefixes: thus the type is called iron pyrites, whilst other species are known as copper pyrites, arsenical pyrites, &c. The original word pyrites (from Gr.

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