Sentence Examples

  • Pulleys and drums for communi cating a constant velocity ratio are circular.
  • When the poise is at the zero end, and there is no load on the platform, the end of the steelyard is down, and has locked the ratchet wheel by means of the pawl; the shaft being thus locked, the sprocket wheels are stopped, the drum-shaft runs free by the friction clutch, and the two pulleys which are connected by the crossed band are running idle.
  • The poise having arrived at the end of its run and unable to go further, the mitre wheels and the sprocket gearing are stopped, and the two pulleys and the cross belt run idle till the.
  • A pulley carried on a rotating shaft and connected to another pulley on a second shaft by an endless band consisting of a flat belt, rope, chain or similar connector serves for the transmission of power from the one shaft to the other and is known as a driving pulley; while combinations of pulleys or "sheaves," mounted in fixed or movable frames or "blocks," constitute mechanisms used to facilitate the raising of heavy weights.
  • The combination of these stresses generally limits the rim velocity of cast-iron pulleys to 80 or loo ft.

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