Sentence Examples

  • As a rule their numbers are proportionately greater in Prussia than elsewhere within the empire.
  • In his belief that he could ensnare the courts of London and St Petersburg into separate and proportionately disadvantageous treaties, he overreached himself.
  • The value of the product has, however, proportionately increased, so that the sum realized was little less, while less than half the number of men was employed.
  • The family, Chinchillidae, typified by the wellknown chinchilla, includes a small number of South American rodents with large ears and proportionately great auditory bullae in the skull, elongated hind-limbs, bushy tails, very soft fur and perfect clavicles.
  • Moreover, the Persian government, finding that the previous estimate of the money required for paying its debts was about 50%, below the mark, now asked for double the amount offered by the London capitalists, without, however, proportionately increasing the guarantee.