Sentence Examples

  • The young insect resembles its parent in most points, but the head is disproportionately large; the anterior abdominal spiracles are on the second segment instead of on the first, and the foot has only a single segment.
  • She will be the one who figures out that people who use antidepressants (and are thus assumed to be depressed) disproportionately live in apartments with a certain kind of coating on the floor, which contains a chemical that likely causes depression.
  • Optimists view the same system as a form of social justice whereby the benefits of civilization, markets, technology, and modernity, which all disproportionately benefit the rich and talented, are more equitably distributed to the entire society, even those shortchanged by fate.
  • Monarchies—the most prevalent form of government in human history—are disproportionately warlike for a number of reasons.
  • Yes, and vise versa if you request a replacement and this is " disproportionately costly ".

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