Sentence Examples

  • Dimethyl-meta-aminophenol crystallizes in small prisms which melt at 87° C. It condenses with phthalic anhydride to form rhodamine, and with succinic anhydride to rhodamine S.
  • The acid is thus obtained in colourless rhombic prisms of the composition C 6 H 8 0 7 +H 2 0.
  • He would have been more at home in a state of things which did not demand from its leading statesman great popular power; he had none of those " isms " and " prisms of fancy " which stood in such good stead some of his rivals.
  • Prisms deflect rays of light towards their bases.
  • Similarly the first moment of a solid figure may be regarded as obtained by dividing the figure into elementary prisms by two sets of parallel planes, and concentrating the volume of each prism at its centre.

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