Sentence Examples

  • The town, which is of a triangular form, occupies the northern extremity of a peninsula 11 m.
  • Most interesting of these is the dagger or sword, always very short, save in the latest graves, and distinguished by a heart-shaped guard marking the juncture of hilt and blade; its sheath is also characteristic, having a triangular projection on one side and usually a separate chape: these peculiar forms were necessitated by a special way of hanging the dagger from two straps that it might not interfere with a rider's movements.
  • A groove of triangular section of 30 in.
  • The kidney has similar relations in both species, and is identical with the organ spoken of by many authors as the triangular gland.
  • The Mexican Trimorphodon much resemble viperine snakes with the flat, triangular head, narrow neck, slit-like pupil and pugnacious disposition.