Sentence Examples

  • There is a perfect cleavage perpendicular to the trigonal axis of the crystals: the fact that only two (opposite) corners of the cube-like crystals can be truncated by cleavage at once distinguishes them from true cubes.
  • - Shell sub-trigonal, inequivalve; pallial sinus shallow; siphons short, united, completely retractile; foot large, pointed, often byssiferous.
  • The six small faces s{412} situated on alternate corners at each end of the crystal, are called the "rhomb" faces, because of their shape; if extended they would give a trigonal bipyramid.
  • The "trapezohedral," or "plagihedral," faces x {41a} belong to a trigonal trapezohedron.
  • Small persistent, 5-dentate calyx, 5 petals, 1 0 stamens, a sessile 3 to 5-chambered ovary, a long style, and a 3-lobed stigma; fruit trigonal or pentagonal; and seed compressed.