Sentence Examples

  • The primrose is associated with the name of Lord Beaconsfield (q.v.), as being preferred by him to other flowers.
  • THE PRIMROSE LEAGUE, an organization for spreading Conservative principles amongst the British democracy.
  • ARCHIBALD PHILIP PRIMROSE ROSEBERY, 5TH Earl Of (1847-), British statesman, born in London on the 7th of May 1847, was the grandson and successor to the title of Archibald John Primrose, 4th earl of Rosebery (1783-1868), a representative peer of Scotland, who was in 1828 created a peer of the United Kingdom as Baron Rosebery, and was an active supporter of the Reform Bill.
  • The Scottish earldom was first conferred in 1703 upon the 4th earl's great-grandfather, Archibald Primrose of Dalmeny (1664-1723), a staunch Whig and a commissioner for the Union.
  • The leaves form a radical rosette as in Primula (primrose, cowslip, &c.), or there is a well-developed aerial stem which is erect, as in species of Lysimachia, or creeping, as in Lysimachia Nummularia (creeping jenny or money-wort).