Sentence Examples

  • Then, on account of the relatively slight - because divided - influence which would be exercised upon the two rings by the two affinities common to both, the remaining four centric affinities of each ring would presumably be less attracted into the ring than in the case of benzene; consequently they would be more active outwards, and combination would set in more readily.
  • Syria and Asia Minor who shared a common civilization, and that therefore they were authors of a part of the monuments only - presumably the N.
  • - lxxxix.) being non-Elohistic presumably was collected elsewhere.
  • The word, which was probably derived from some Greek bandmaster, was presumably an instruction for a musical interlude.
  • The revived use of the stole is the most curious problem involved; for this, originally due to a confusion of this vestment with the ' There is no mention of mitre, gloves, dalmatic, tunicle, sandals and caligae, which were presumably discontinued.

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