Sentence Examples

  • It should be " a place for everything and everything in its place " prepares the bee-keeper for any emergency; constant watchfulness is also necessary, not only to guard against disease in needs a reminder of this truism he surely has it in the borne in mind that the disease is much easier to cure in the earlier stages while the bacilli are still rod-shaped than when the rods have turned to spores.
  • V., and prepares the way for the history of the patriarchs.
  • He proclaimed himself, before everything else, a physiologist, and looked to physiology to provide the ultimate standard for everything that has value; and though his own ethical code necessarily involves the disappearance of sympathy, love, toleration and all existing altruistic emotions, he yet in a sense finds room for them in such altruistic self-sacrifice as prepares the way for the higher man of the future.
  • About the beginning of May he is back at his njalla, but as soon as the weather grows warm he pushes up to the mountains, and there throughout the summer pastures his herds and prepares his store of cheese.
  • The McDonogh farm school, with a farm of more than Boo acres, a printing-office, and carpenter and machine shops prepares poor boys to enter any college in the country.

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