Sentence Examples

  • His reputation grew rapidly, and in 1761 he was appointed optician to the king.
  • But Gregory, according to his own confession, had no practical skill; he could find no optician capable of realizing his ideas, and after some fruitless attempts was obliged to abandon all hope of bringing his telescope into practical use.
  • We proceed to give an account of the methods and principles of construction of the various kinds of telescopes, and 1 Ayscough was an optician in Ludgate Hill, London.
  • He visited England in 1748, and, in company with the earl of Morton and James Short the optician, continued his journey to Scotland, where he observed the annular eclipse of July 25.
  • The practical optician names such systems: "corrected for the angle of aperture (the height of incidence or the angle of field of view w*."