Sentence Examples

  • The heptahydrate is obtained by dissolving the metal or its oxide, hydroxide or carbonate in dilute sulphuric acid (preferably in the presence of a small quantity of nitric acid), and allowing the solution to crystallize between 15° and 20° C. It crystallizes in emerald-green rhombic prisms and is moderately soluble in water.
  • But For Purposes Of Definition It Would Be Necessary To Take The Mean Value Of The Specific Heat Over A Given Range Of Temperature, Preferably At Least 10°, Rather Than The Specific Heat At A Point Which Necessitates Reference To Some Formula Of Reduction For The Rate Of Variation.
  • The diazo group preferably going into the para-position to the amino group. When the para-position is occupied, the diazo group takes the orthoposition.
  • Water should as a rule be used at a temperature not lower than that of the surrounding atmosphere, and preferably after exposure for some time to the air.
  • In the Constitutional Convention of 1787 he urged that the president and the Federal judges should be chosen by the national legislature, and preferably by the Senate alone, and that the president should be chosen for a term of seven years, and should be ineligible to succeed himself.

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