Sentence Examples

  • In the cheeks are tolerably capacious pouches, which appear to be used as receptacles for food.
  • Their abdominal bones are like those of the marsupials; and they are furnished with pouches for their young, but have no teats, the milk being distilled into their pouches from the mammary glands.
  • No gastric pouches; the numerous tentacles arise direct from the stomach, into which also the peronial canals open, so that the ring-canal is cut up into separate festoons.
  • The sexes are distinct, as in all Streptoneura; and genital ducts and accessory glands and pouches are present, as in all Pectinibranchia.
  • Oesophageal pouches present; pedal nerve-centres concentrated; a pedal penis near the right tentacle.

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