Sentence Examples

  • Groppo, whence English "group"), the ingluvies, or pouched expansion of a bird's oesophagus, in which the food remains to undergo a preparatory process of digestion before being passed into the true stomach.
  • Many of the species have medium or even long tails, while some are nearly double the size of the typical representative of the group. All, however, have large cheek-pouches, whence the name of pouched marmots, by which they are sometimes called; and they have the first fronttoe rudimentary, as in marmots.
  • In hares and pacas the inside of the cheeks is hairy; and in some species, pouched rats and hamsters, there are large internal cheek-pouches lined with hair, which open near the angles of the mouth and extend backwards behind the ears.
  • In the New World pouched rats (Geomyidae) the pouches open externally on the cheeks.
  • The American pouched rats, or pocket-gophers, constitute the third section, Geomyoidea, with the single family Geomyidae.

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