Sentence Examples

  • Mr Brailsford was the secretary of the show at Birmingham, and he had classes for pointers, English and Irish setters, retrievers and Clumber spaniels.
  • Pointers are bred in the Kohistan of Kabul and above Jalalabad - large, heavy, slow-hunting, but fine-nosed and staunch; very like the old double-nosed Spanish pointer.
  • A and a are called the "pointers," since they are collinear with, or point to, the pole-star.
  • Hidden and an artificial line of fire laid out and the guns layed for direction on pointers, or the line transferred to a distant aiming point.
  • Dog lovers are now numbered by their tens of thousands, and in addition to shows of their favourites, owners are also liberally catered for in the shape of working trials, for during the season competitions for bloodhounds, pointers, setters, retrievers, spaniels and sheepdogs are held.

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