Sentence Examples

  • There were three metal objects with dials and switches; machines I'll call them, from which the wires ran.
  • He published in 1624 The Description and Use of His Majestie's Dials in Whitehall Garden, the only one of his works which has not been reprinted.
  • Hence according to the magnitude of each coil the total resistance may be made anything from I to 9, 10 to 90, or 100 to goo ohms, &c. Three or four of the " dials " thus composed are arranged side by side, the brass blocks being mounted on a slab of ebonite and the coils contained in the box underneath, and they are so joined up that the central block of one dial is connected to the outside block of the next marked O.
  • He made windmills, water-clocks, kites and dials, and he is said to have invented a four-wheeled carriage which was to be moved by the rider.
  • The summit of this column is that which formerly stood at Seven Dials, London.

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