Sentence Examples

  • Sabinei) is a bold white bicolor, with a shortened trumpet, and so are the socalled Backhouse hybrids-Wolley Dod and William Wilks, a shapely and effective flower of good substance and with vigorous leaves.
  • The DoD Project seeks to provide public web hosting to "much of the alienated public" that allows citizens to host their free speech with a host that isn't owned by a corporation "and its shortfalls."
  • C. Wolley Dod found N. maximus growing between Dax and Bayonne, probably naturalised.
  • Among his other works are: Det hvide Hus (The White House, 1898), Excentriske Noveller (1885), Stille Eksistenzer (1886), Liv og Dod (Life and Death, (1899), Englen Michael (1902), a volume of poems (1889) and of recollections (Ti Aar, 1891).
  • Uniplanar motion alone is so far amenable to analysis; the velocity function 4 and stream function 1G are given as conjugate functions of the coordinates x, y by w=f(z), where z= x +yi, w=4-Plg, and then dw dod,y az = dx + i ax - -u+vi; so that, with u = q cos B, v = q sin B, the function - Q dw u_vi=g22(u-}-vi) = Q(cos 8+i sin 8), gives f' as a vector representing the reciprocal of the velocity in direction and magnitude, in terms of some standard velocity Q.