Sentence Examples

  • Dial-up modems are the old 56Kbps standard rapidly being replaced by broadband because the throuhput or data that 56K modems can handle is fast becoming inadequate to the data-hungry software applications now available.
  • Dial-up is an Internet option in general, but with the kind of usage most consumers want to access--streaming movies or music, gaming, downloading, heavy or long-term website surfing--dial-up isn't a practical choice.
  • However, since most consumers use webcams for video chats or recording video for the Internet, you'll find that webcams produce a find quality that doesn't bog down your dial-up or broadband.
  • The graphics were clearly superior to what was available on the market, and the Dreamcast even came with a disc that contained web browsing software for dial-up Internet access.
  • As the "online" storage of those HTML documents, and the ability to easily retrieve them with a web browser and a simple telephone dial-up connection, the Internet flourished.